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The word connects with the world.

Articles written like a blog are transformed into multilingual pages.
GOKU LINK starts communication that transcends barriers!

In words that reach 4.2 billion people.

Your articles are automatically translated in minutes into individual articles in multiple languages.
Efficient global communication is achieved through high-quality, near-native translations by AI Translation.

13.48hundred million people
11.2hundred million people
5.42hundred million people
2.67hundred million people
2.58hundred million people
2.58hundred million people
1.99hundred million people
1.35hundred million people
1.26hundred million people
0.81hundred million people


Reaching out to the world

GOKU LINK also automatically translates tags and keywords and provides basic SEO for multiple languages.
This ease of use allows them to gain access from all over the world.

Just like a blog
Easy article creation

GOKU LINK's intuitive editor allows you to create articles as quickly and easily as a blog.
You can freely place headings, paragraphs, insert images and videos, as well as text links, set translations of proper nouns and other elements.


Is registration for this service free of charge?

Registration to the service is free, but you will have to pay a fee if you want to translate more than the points you hold. Various plans are also available that offer reduced rates.

Which translation engine do you use?

To provide high-quality automated translation, we use DeepL as our translation engine. DeepL is an engine that uses AI technology to deliver highly accurate translations and is used by many professionals.

On which devices can I use the Service?

The service can be used on any device with internet access, such as a computer, smartphone or tablet.